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I have many testimonials from clients along with my unique Five “Daffodil” rating:



I was totally overwhelmed. 22 years in the same house and large art studio more inment. I knew I could not fit my studio into my house. For months I had been trying to work it out myself and asking others though professional was needed. A call to Jo left me full of hope. Jo came for 2 days. We moved everything out of the rooms and shed so I can have a new art studio. Jo helped me part with things and worked extremely well to clear everything. I now have an almost blank canvas to work with.Jo has given me the space which to think and plan. I can now easily part with items that I really do not need.

Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou – you took the dark clouds away and now I can continue the decluttering journey.

Sian, Swansea




At the start of the decluttering process, I felt overwhelmed when I looked at my two overfill flat rooms. Now, they are clear and tidy and I feel immensely relaxed. Thankyou Jo

Jo has the right mind to re-design rooms so that it free of rubbish and clutter. With all the items that have gathered over time because life and poor mental health problems have taken over someones productivity. My sweet personality has come back in my rooms, as well as my zest for life, My rooms show a mindful joy to look at and it’s exactly what my parents wanted for me. We were not taught this in home economics class.

A, Camarthen




I was in a dark place and insecure about many things and Jo brought some light into my dark place. Improving my life and my self respect making me feel better about myself with an increased sense of self worth, de instilling in me a sense of self regard and values which I thought I had lost. She made an incredible difference to the way I was living and replaced my will to continue to work towards feeling more myself.

Tim, Haverfordwest




So it’s been just over a week since Jo came round and helped me declutter and I’m absolutely loving my “new” flat. Due to being overwhelmed by failing health and other life stuff, my flat had become such a mess over the last few years with too much stuff and very little storage. This was impacting on my daily life and mental health. My wonderful sisters intervened and called in Jo who came over for two consecutive days, staying in a local hotel. I’ve not looked back since and now finding cleaning manageable.

Jo’s service is life changing. She is sensitive to her customers needs and understands the discomfort they feel. Her no nonsense approach and practicality means she’s so focused and tirelessy just gets the job done, beautifully. Sometimes it takes a big leap of faith to ask for help when you’re in a mess, but I’m so glad I did because my life has improved so much, literally overnight.

Moira, Cardiff


Jo has been absolutely brilliant, she helped a client of mine who was just totally overwhelmed with chaos and rubbish, transforming their home into a pleasant healthy living enviroment. She worked hard and fast with a wonderful positive attitude. Thankyou Jo for making such an enormous difference to someones life.

Carers Coordinator and Support Worker for Mind Pembrokeshire


Realisation to what had become of my lifestyle has been overwhelming. Eight years had past since I lost the love of my life tragically My home hadn’t changed only that I had become a hoarder to the hobby we had not long brought into our lives. My living space was cluttered, I was living in the past, I was living my life in deep bereavement, I suffered deeply, I have suffered with awful mental health issues. I couldn’t move on, my life was dreary, I felt ugly and old UNTIL ONE DAY I MET JO.

Jo brought a great deal of subtle energy and she spoke very softly which was very calming. She made me smile. Strategy and tactics towards my changes were hard to grasp at first though now after sessions and a couple of facetime calls my life and home seem clearer.

Gradually I am moving on.Time to change and time at large is on my agenda with Jo’s help.

K Camarthenshire                        

I feel healthier and happier already within a few days from the old dreary me. Change has entered my way of thinking. I feel encouraged and lighter after a day with Jo.
Her motivational and strategy skills helped me to release from the old stuff.
Diolch yn fawr iawn
Bethan, Tonypandy

Due to a recent bereavement, we required the services of someone to de-clutter the house in a professional and sensitive manner. We found Daffodils de-cluttering services and although based in Pembrokeshire, nothing was too much trouble and were happy to travel around 165 miles ONE WAY. We were happy to fund her fuel and 3 night hotel accommodation. After patience and experience was evident and bagged and boxed items which went to charity and guided us towards the binning of some items that she knew couldn’t be used or recycled, together with cleaning the rooms afterwards.
Highly recommended.
Our thoughts and feelings post De-cluttering
Rooms feel more spacious. We ourselves feel “lighter” rooms are lighter and brighter. We feel more able now to continue Jo’s work and to keep on top of everything. It has also given the incentive to continue clearance of items and continue Jo’s excellent work.
Thoughts and feelings on Jo
She is a very friendly and bubbly person. Very positive, patient and gives good guidance and encouragement to make decisions on what to “LET GO” Without this working relationship with her, we couldn’t have made the progress that we did.
We now look on her as a friend.
A couple from the Great Orme, Llandudno, North Wales.

Our mother passed shortly after our father died and my sister and I needed to sort through their belongs.
We were dubious of bringing a service in to help remove the furniture though we were up to our eyeballs with it all so after some deliberation we decided to ring a house clearance company. An elderly fellow came and viewed, he did not move any of the boxes that were stacked in the rooms. He offered us £500 to remove all the old broken furniture, the ornaments, all the bed linen and clothes. Our mother had collected some antique pottery, he did not offer anything extra. We were very unhappy, he didn’t come across sympathetic at all.
A couple of weeks had passed and we hadn’t sorted through any of our parents belongings
so we decided that we needed a company that helps people like us to sort through possessions. A little search on google and we found Jo from Daffodils Decluttering who lives in the next county. We were delighted to read of her bereavement service and her testimonials really stood out to us.
As soon as we met her we knew we had found the right person to help us.
Two hours in and we were utterly amazed as Jo had found a mahogany box underneath the old tatty stair runner in the single room. I opened the box and we all saw photographs of our great grandmother wearing elaborate clothes and jewellery in which we had never seen before. Underneath the photographs something was shimmering and sparkling. In our possession was rubies, diamonds, emeralds, turquoise bracelets and rings and brooches and hair pins which our great grandmother was wearing in the photographs. WOW
We are so very grateful to Jo, she is such a lovely genuine lady.
After our amazing find Jo helped us to sort, clear and donate items to a few charity shops. We used a waste removal company to take the old furniture away.
Thanks to Jo our hoard has become a discovery that we need to delve into.
Jo saved the day and our parents possessions.
Our parents children – somewhere rural in  Cardiganshire.

After I got in touch with Jo to ask her for help to declutter a job i’d been avoiding for a number of months. Jo kindly called later that day to see what was needed. When Jo arrived she was very friendly and easy to talk to, she felt the house was quite claustrophobic and said she could definitely help me. We arranged a day the following week for us to work together to make a start. Well that was the kick up the bum that I needed to start to sort the spare bedroom myself. So even though I didn’t need Jo’s help I would not hesitate to call should I need her help in the future.
Many thanks
Michele – Pembroke 

My home was overwhelmed with clutter. Our cupboards were full to the brim and our spare room unusable. When my daughter moved back home she had to sleep in the living room as there was no other space for her. This meant we no longer had any shared ‘family space’. I was at my wit’s end and knew we needed to take back control. I found Daffodils Decluttering online after a desperate trawl for help. From the moment I talked to Jo my mind was put at ease. There was no judgement, just supportive words. I was concerned Jo wouldn’t be able to help us as we lived so far away (a 252 miles round trip for Jo), but that didn’t stop her. I paid her fuel allowance which was very reasonable. During the initial visit we talked about the problem areas and what would make the biggest difference to us as a family. For the first time in a long time I felt hope and excitement.

The day Jo arrived I asked my two adult children to help. She worked with us throughout the process. Jo worked really well and she motivated us to work as a team. Within an hour our jam packed spare room was clear!! By the end of the day 2 large built in cupboards were cleared and organised, the ‘under the stairs dumping ground’ was clear as was our problem laundry pile on the dining room table.

My home now feels lighter and more airy. As a family we have our space back. We think the world of Jo and we appreciate her motivation as we can tackle the rest of the house. I can’t recommend Jo highly enough, she far exceeded my expectations. You’re an amazing woman Jo

Rhiannon, Cwmbran, Newport, South Wales

I’ve been trying to downsize my 3 bedroom house for sometime. I was struggling both physically and emotionally because of my poor health. When I saw the website Daffodils it sounded just what I was looking for. Jo the lady who helped me was very kind and helpful and easy to get along with. She decluttered a very cluttered room in a space of just 4hrs A room where I had to walk in sideways to get to the window. Now the light shines through the window again instead of a room being very claustrophobic. I now feel stress free and much closer to moving into a bungalow. I will definitely be enlisting the help of Daffodils again in the future and would recommend them 100% to anyone looking for help in decluttering a home.

Miss Anon, Merthyr Tydfil

My dear wife Mary passed on peacefully at home before Christmas 2018.  Although we were not excessively cluttered, there was a lot of stuff that I was really at a total loss to deal with.  I’d noticed  ‘Daffodils Decluttering’ on our town website when looking for something else and eventually checked on their website.
I liked what I read and everything was clearly laid out.  The first consultation was free, with the proviso that there could be an additional mileage charge for clients over a certain distance.  The hourly rate was reasonable and I emailed Jo at Daffodils Decluttering.  She replied and an initial consultation was arranged.
Jo arrived promptly and it was immediately obvious that she was a warm and friendly but professional person.  We chatted for about an hour and a half and I showed her the things I wished to remove from the house.  There and then we agreed a date and time for her visit. In my case, Jo said it could be done in a day. I really felt her main aim was to help and I instinctively felt she was completely trustworthy.
In the days that followed, it occurred to me that we also had many books and dvd’s which could go.  I emailed Jo to mention this and she was quite happy.  So I sorted out books and dvd’s.  Jo arrived very promptly on the day and we then started on the decluttering, Jo having made it clear that it was my day and my decision as to what we would tackle and in what order.  I was amazed and delighted how quickly and smoothly it all went.  Jo is really competent and professional at this work and I was so pleased I’d found her.  She took away a huge amount of things in her car and I had a real feeling of a load being lifted from me.
There are still some things I have to think about, like the garden shed, which was Mary’s area.  Jo has told me that if I should need help, she’ll be happy to come again.  Which is very reassuring.

Anon, Llandrindod Wells

Heck Jo its a big difference, I can walk in my kitchen!

Excellent and roomy in my bathroom too well done. I am very grateful for what you have done Jo
Maurine – Hereford

We are sometimes a stubborn old couple and we’ve never liked change but when my husband slipped and twisted his ankle and severely bruised his leg on a magazine that was left in the hallway the authorities were informed again and a risk assessment was done. My husband is not to good with his knees now.
Jan who visits us twice a week informed us that she had been in touch with a decluttering company who can help us tidy up our mess sort things out and put things away.
Jo rang us whilst Jan was here and reassured us.
She seemed very understanding and kind and she spoke to both of us. We arranged a day for Jo to visit. Jan was here when Jo came and she was very nice. She showed us some before and after pictures and her credentials.
We were given a concession rate because we are clients of the authorities.
Jo came back 4 days later. With help from Jan and another health assistant they managed to sort out our sitting room the hallway and parts of the kitchen and out house.
There was lots of rubbish and they were able to sort a lot of paper for recycling. Amazingly Jo found my little gold bracelet that we thought had been lost for about 6 years.
She took away some bags of bits and bobs that was donated to the charity shop.
We have had some help in our home despite how we are it had to be done and Jo is coming back soon with Jan’s help again.

Anon, Carmarthenshire

I have been drowning in clutter for quite a while and so pleased to find Jo at Daffodils Decluttering. Jo is very reassuring on the phone and she put me at ease. She visited us and told us what to expect. We booked an appointment.
I first felt Tired, Nervous and anxious this morning and throughout the session I was hot, Positive, Hopeful and still tired. I felt better toward the end as talking helps. She has done a fantastic job. Jo will be back soon to help Declutter the rest of my house soon.

Anon, Merthyr Tydfil 

Highly recommended. Prompt. Caring. Efficient. reasonably priced. THANK YOU JO.

W.G, Powys 

I think Jo worked very hard and did a good job for me in my sitting room. I can now move around freely and can see my sitting room carpet at last.

Anon, Merthyr Tydfil 

I live in Bridgend, south Wales and have complex physical disabilities and severe ADHD
This can be hard for some people to understand and relate to. One day I can look young, very fit and athletic and aside from some muscular tension, one may not tell. I may come across exceptionally bright, quick minded, resilient and physically very strong, yet some days are hard for me to relate to within myself, much less have someone else understand.
Last October after a car accident I temporarily lost the use of my right shoulder and hand with nerve pain, neck issues and headaches. I was midway through important proof reading and research so already had a stack of perhaps 3000 pages. The accident brought more and more mail and forms daily through my door. Relying in my higher education and highly skilled manual worker trades in the arts- reliant in my hands to not even be able to pick up my reading, much less my forms or lift a pile of jeans that had accumulated was so demoralising, it was just awful.
The problem I have are degenerate, so have gone down hill over the time I have lived here – demoralising – so someone visiting, what can you do when you physically can not tidy in full ? Open a drawer – bung and stuff – out of sight, out of embarrassing view.
Accepting a condition is one thing, finding it in others and them seeing the mess – that’s a step further than I could take psychologically.
Post accident realising, despite bursts of de cluttering this was too much and growing I searched for 6 months for someone to help me.
I had previously found a service for a friend, called them, website up, but they had moved. Another response, we’ll visit – nothing. As a last ditch attempt I read Jo’s decluttering site, seeing she was a long distance away. Loosing all hope I simply decided it was worth an ask. I was thrilled and so relieved when the next day Jo called and said she was keen to help.
I would need to pay some extra fuel- fair, her rates were very reasonable, though more than anything what struck me was that this wasn’t a firm, just a job, this was someone telling someone in despair, feeling helpless
“I really want to help you”
Since two sessions of de clutter and some distress, acceptance of being young with degenerative conditions, seeing evidence of decline is hard, my old dark dwelling feels like home and all the stuff in my way, its gone bringing greater acceptance and a maintainable lay out.
I can now move so much more freely around my space that my physical health, areas to stretch and to physio space to get back to work are brilliantly beneficial to my physical wellbeing.
With that also and the sense I can see, control and maintain my home without placing physical strain in my body, that it cannot take is so much better for my mind.
For me, clear space, clear mind.
– Anon, Bridgend

My wife found jo, she overheard a chap talking about de-cluttering in our local charity shop.
Jo visited us 2 weeks before christmas as my late uncle has passed and he left us with a lot of things to sort out. Jo is amazing, she inspired us both so we hired her. She came the week before christmas.
Within half an hour jo motivated my wife and I and we felt our energy had replenished. We were able to sort through boxes in a good pace. A number of these boxes have now been taken to our local charity shop. We threw away some items and have kept some memorable articles and treasures.
We found some paper work that states that my uncle rents a storage unit. Jo has offered her assistance if we need her help which would be great.
Thank you so much Jo, your a star.

Mr & Mrs Kane, Shropshire

Jo deserves a 5 daffodil rating.

We hired Jo to help us with my mothers barn. It had been used for storage over the last few years and had become cluttered and untidy. Jo was very direct and friendly and on the day she got straight down to business. It was very helpful to have someone to organise the tidying up and keep us going. By the end of the day the barn was transformed and it felt very pleasant to be in there. We can now easily find the things we need and its such a relief ! I would recommend Jo to anyone looking for a decluttering service.

Anon, Herefordshire

As I write this account Jo is helping my children declutter their rooms. I am in my beautiful sanctuary room created today by me and Jo.
I came to realise that I needed to de-clutter when I got back from a, now life changing holiday. I and my family want to live a simpler life. We wanted to live life instead of tidying up after us but this would be a mammoth task just for me …. So I called Jo, the best phone call I ever made.
On the day of de-cluttering I felt really unsettled, a kind of sadness and worrying sickness. I didn’t know what to expect, I was completely lost.
Jo came to my house and what has happened for me today is so much more than a good tidy up. Space feels cleansed.
My way of being clutter free has changed.

Sophie, Milton Keynes


When I visited my son I could not believe how he was living with every room cluttered up. I started to clean the lounge, kitchen/diner but it all got too much for me to do. My son was recommended to daffodils decluttering by his advocate and Jo came to see the problem. She soon started work. Rooms were started to be decluttered and I would not hesitate to recommend Jo for her service.
Ron, Northampton

I would give daffodils service a 5 star review. I felt weighed down and disorganised before and I couldn’t relax. I would not have been able to do this without the motivation of Jo. I now feel I have my life back and feel more relaxed.

Brian, Northampton

I have a psychiatric problem of being too attached to clutter. I recognise that I’ve needed to detatch myself from hoarding clutter and work. Jo from daffodils decluttering has gone some way to helping me contain this. Jo has done the upstairs rooms and got them a lot neater than they were. She has done a very thorough job. My house was very cluttered and Jo has gone to extremes to tidy it up.
A cupboard was cluttered but now Jo has cleared it out. She has taken great care.
I bought too many books when I was younger and my house was cluttered. Some of my books will go to the university of Northampton, some to the library, some to age uk charity shop and I’m going to keep some myself.

Mr Edwards (Dr), Northampton

To anyone who needs help to de-clutter I would highly recommend Daffodils to help you to get rid of things that you yourself may find difficult to let go of.
They are very sympathetic and helpful to remove and let go of things that confine you to your items that haven’t been used for a long time.
I would highly recommend them for anyone as they have made my surroundings more organised.
I didn’t think they could help and I was amazed how quickly they gave me back space to enjoy my life again.

Leeroy, Northampton

Having spent a year struggling to move all my furniture and belongings into a much smaller house I had no energy left to do the garden. Then I was introduced to Daffodils Decluttering, Handy Helpers 4 Elders.

In a short space of time with the girls working hard, my garden is now a calm and manageable space that I am able to enjoy.

Thank you so much girls for all your hard work, weeding and clearing and making me feel so much better about living here.

Lily Ann, Northampton

Jo came to see me in February to help me free my stuff that has accumulated overtime.It was weird, when she walked in she said my flat felt heavy to her and asked me if I minded if she could cleanse my flat after we decluttered.I had felt a bit head – spacey for sometime though I thought that was down to life.

Jo came back after we removed some junk and cleansed my home for me. I feel quite normal now and my home feels fresh even now after 3 months. She popped in to see how I was getting on last week and said how nice my flat looked and felt.

Veronica, Oxford

Handy Helpers 4 Elders – Jo and Mary came to see me today for the first time after being told they are good workers. They are prepared to do your garden and jobs around the home at a very reasonable cost. They are very genuine ladies that needed no supervision and were left to undertake the job completely unaided. My garden looks 100% better.

Jim, Eastfield Northants

It’s great that Jo and her volunteer came to my home in Brackley and we chatted about my paperwork that had accumulated over many years. With help and guidance in just one session I am now able to move forward on my own and get the tasks done. Jo’s volunteer is fantastic: she was able to sort, file, then shred my unnecessary documents. Jo removed all the junk, boxes and made my office into my office that I knew over ten years ago.

Isaac, Northampton

Some clients of mine recently used Jo for the decluttering of a property that belonged to a very good friend who had passed away. Instead of just getting the place ‘cleared’ they asked about other options. I had only just heard about Daffodil Decluttering so this was my first recommendation to them.
Over a period of a month Jo visited the property once a week to carry out a sympathetic house clearance and met with various experts to ensure that items of value were disposed of correctly and money passed onto the beneficiaries.
Having been in the estate agency business for over 30 years I know how selling probate property can be a very delicate matter. People react very differently in these emotional circumstances and having someone to trust when clearing a property, for the purposes of selling, can be extremely hard. Having seen Jo in operation I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone needing some ‘hand holding’ during this difficult time.

Adam Wellesley – Horts Director




I contacted Jo on seeing her decluttering service as I needed help to clear a bedroom and to kick start me clearing the other rooms. She came and discussed what she is able to offer and was professional in her approach allowing time for reflection. When she came on the designated day I thought she was brilliant, spurring me and without pressure. Friends had offered support but having Jo visit provided a nonjudgmental and unattached relationship.
The result is a lovely clear and clean bedroom, reduction of clutter and getting me back on track from a much earlier plan to minimize my belongings for the future. Many Thanks Jo x
ME, Northampton 

Daffodils Decluttering has received their first review for their new “Handy Helpers 4 elders” service which provides help with odd jobs for the elderly.

Jo & Mary stayed at E-Or Lodge as B&B guests. When they arrived they complained how cold their room was & asked when the heating was coming on. I told them it was already on. They offered to take a look at the radiator & asked for some tools.
Within 10 minutes heat was coming through in both guest rooms.There was absolutely no mess & they knew after a quick examination of the pipes & radiators exactly where the problem was. Problem solving & repair at its best!”Handy Helpers” come very highly recommended
Lorraine Lee, 4th February

Over the years you don’t realise how many items you accumulate. A thorough clean and a reduction of my possessions, many of which were long forgotten has left me with a room that has plenty of space. I can now move around freely and it’s better for living. Thank you so much Jo for transforming my room in only 5 hours of hard work from you and your volunteer.
Audrey, Herts

Freed of Stuff I Am Free to Live

Jo has helped me to change my life.  What started as a physical declutter of my home has led to more change than I could possibly foresee.
Just over a year ago I asked Jo to declutter my house; a task that I was dreading as I was a natural hoarder.  However I knew I needed to confront my fears to get me out of the rut I’d been living in for years.
Together Jo and I embarked on the task and, over a period of 7 weeks, we turned my shabby house into the beautiful home that I’d never known.  My home looked wonderful.  I was delighted with the result.  My home was lighter – in light – and  I felt more energised.
I also felt released and able to move forward in my life as stuff was no longer crammed around me nor filling my mind.
In 3 months my future revealed itself.  I realised my home was too big and I was ready to downsize.
Within 1 week of my house being marketed it was sold for 7% above asking price, thanks to Jo who homestaged my property.
Jo returned to help me pack up and I found even more items that I no longer needed.
Sally Wilson. Bedfordshire

Jo was recommended to us from one of our clubs that we attend to sort out our house because we have stuff allover the place. Jo is very friendly and helpful and she knows what she is doing. She has sorted out a great deal. She sees us to be more aware of what we need to do. She has showed us how to be more organized. We will recommend Jo to our clubs.
John and Maria. Abington Northampton

I was put in contact with Jo to speak to her about clearing the property of my late father. I didn’t like the idea of a house clearance company coming in and removing my father’s possessions in a couple of hours, I wanted my father’s items to be treated with respect. Over the next couple of weeks, Jo was able to give furniture away to the local community and homeless centers which my father supported and she was able to identify some items of value which have now gone to auction. I am very happy that I was pointed in the right direction to use Jo’s company Daffodils Decluttering. Thanks Jo.
Denni – Rushden

Following a difficult year, I was in need of some assistance with finally decluttering my home and achieving a calm and peaceful surrounding. How lucky I am to have found Jo and Daffodils Decluttering. She has been nothing short of amazing! Firstly she is non-judgmental (which was a big requirement for me), treats you and your home with respect and offers support and kindness at all times.
It’s made such a difference to my life, I’m no longer too embarrassed to receive visitors and it has freed up so much space that it’s now easy to put things away and keep everywhere looking neat.
An added bonus is that a number of charities have benefited from my unwanted items, which really adds to the feel good factor!
I cannot recommend Daffodils Decluttering highly enough.
Louise, Northampton 

Just wanted to say a huge thank you to Jo for the armchair and the coffee table and the bed to use on my housing project. It is always a great pleasure to be working with kind hearted and generous individuals whose values are so close to mine.
Maddy NorridgeNorthamptonshire

What a messy spare bedroom was in after years of past possessions had left me bewildered. I asked my daughter to look for someone to come in and help me remove the unwanted items. She said by chance that she stumbled on Daffodils Decluttering who was based in Northamptonshire though she covers everywhere. Speaking to Jo gave me the confidence to appoint her. The work she did was fantastic. She talked and showed me her process gently and it wasn’t long before I could see my old carpet and furnishings. Thank you Jo . I shall recommend you to my lunch club friends.
Mabel, Hertfordshire

My mother has just passed. I searched for bereavement and found Daffodils Decluttering. After discussing with Jo what the family didn’t want to keep, she suggested that she could take mothers items to a charity shop of our choice. Jo was able to swiftly and gently remove and donate mom’s possessions.
Mr Wholcote

I asked Daffodils Decluttering to help me transform my old bedroom at my elderly mother’s house into a guest room. Whilst sorting through the clutter Jo unearthed a pile of my old toys and games that I had forgotten about.  I imagined they had very little value and suggested they be taken to charity.  However Jo offered to find a specialist auctioneer as she was convinced that they were worth something. I agreed and Jo swiftly found a suitable firm.  And they have confirmed that I could realize several hundred pounds.
I am looking forward to attending my first auction.  And having an unexpected windfall which can be put towards the furnishing and  redecoration of the guest room.

Thanks to Jo / Daffodils Decluttering my house is now my Home. Through Jo’s hard work, enthusiasm and imagination she has turned a cluttered house into my beautiful Home.

Before finding Jo I had become embarrassed at the state of my house and would feel awkward about anyone entering. I had reached a point where I knew I wanted to declutter my house; the accumulation of things was getting me down however I did not know where to start. I also knew that it was a task that was beyond me.

Happily I found Jo through a recommendation. Jo has a lovely gentle way about her and, seeing photographs of my house she reassured me that my cluttered state was one that could be remedied. She spoke of how the house would feel lighter and I would feel an improvement in my own well-being. I wished for this and yet could not bring myself to believe. I chose to let Jo work on my house whilst I was away – I instinctively knew that I could trust her. I was ready to let surplus possessions go and I spent time with Jo telling her which items were on the “keep” list.

When I returned from my break I was completely overwhelmed. My house had truly become a Home. The space is amazing and the whole house is lighter. The before and after photographs that you see on the yell website are taken at the same time of day in similar weather conditions. The lightness of the decluttered rooms is because of the removal of things! I have also been delighted to find that my house feels warmer. And the whole house is now a place I am delighted to call home, and to welcome visitors into. My Home envelopes me and nurtures me in a way in which it was never able to before. Jo spent a lot of time on energetically clearing the rooms and this has worked wonders.
I am no longer a sceptic and am instead a true believer in decluttering and most of all in the skills and abilities of Jo / Daffodils Decluttering.

I was initially reluctant to give Jo permission to put photographs of my clutter onto this public forum. However I am glad that I have because I am really proud of the end result. And I feel little or no attachment to the before photographs. That they existed is undeniable. However that is not my Home and it is well and truly in my past.

I suggest you pick up the phone and see what Jo / Daffodils Decluttering can do for you. There is really no need to be embarrassed. Jo is a lovely soul who does not judge and is only too happy to help transform lives.

I asked Jo to help me remove all the items that weren’t necessary and wanted anymore. Jo came to my home in Daventry and organised my kitchen, she removed all out of date food (and there was a lot) and disposed of them wisely. She organised two bedrooms, sorted out items for car booting and charity shops. Jo has a good sense of humour, personality and is kind hearted.
Cliff, Daventry

I was feeling quite low before Jo arrived to help me with my home. I needed to clear surfaces and organise cupboards to prepare for an estate agent to take photographs of my home in Earls Barton so it can be put up for sale. I was feeling overwhelmed about what I needed to get done.

Jo certainly brightened my day up – it was the best day that I have had in ages.Jo did a lot of date checking, and thoughtfully asked me if I had a favourite charity I wished my bric-a-brac to go to (Air Ambulance). Jo was very productive and she helpfully took a large bag of food – mostly tins as well as biscuits that were still within date – away with her for the Northampton Food Bank. I would never have cleared my kitchen without Jo’s help. What would have taken me weeks to do Jo managed in hours. I would happily have her back at any time and I thoroughly recommend her to anybody.
Norma, Earls Barton

Jo was recommended to me by word of mouth in the Summer of last year (2014). I had been struggling to encourage my elderly mother to declutter her home for years.
As soon as I talked to Jo I felt put at my ease and was confident that she was the answer my mother and I were looking for.

We were not disappointed. Jo had a sympathetic and gentle approach to the work that was needed and my mother is delighted with the result. A clearer home and my mother’s mood has improved too. Jo also helped to identify those items worth selling or taking to charity and those that were simply junk. Jo’s knowledge of the world of bric-a-brac, charity shops and car boot sales was a great help. It made both my mother and I realise that we could enhance other people’s lives by clearing our own clutter.
I highly recommend Jo for any of your decluttering needs.
Mrs H

If you have been considering decluttering for a while and are trying to take the big step then I can confidently recommend Daffodils Decluttering. Jo is inspirational and guided and encouraged me to rid myself of the clutter that had been stopping me from living my life. She is highly motivated and is great at keeping you focused on the project.

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