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Daffodils Decluttering – Jo

Hello, my name is Jo. Change has occured in my life in the past year and decisions for me to move on to sell up and leave Wales for the time being has been transformational. My new life will be on the road, in a van, seeking adventures, discovering new places, meeting lots of new people and really enjoying life.

My hobbies of decopatching/shabbychiccing will carry on especially in my new home where it will be bright and joyous. I will continue to make sterling silver pendant necklace and earing sets and donate them to all charities wherever I am.

I hope to meet people who like dance, folk, country, ecstatic and create nice friendships everywhere.

Jo holds City and Guilds of London institute NVQ2 BSC 2 qualifications. Manual Handling Risk assessment. Health and Safety in the workplace. City and Guilds 1 & 2 in Catering.
Objectivity Training Course 1
Learning about objectivity in decision making. The importance of maintaining a point of balance from negative to positive thinking.
Positive and negative feedback loops. Avoiding black and white thinking.

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Clearing your space is an investment and you need to be fully focused on removing the items that are holding you back from living the life that you want. Decluttering is a form of therapy which can create positive changes in your life.

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