About Me

Daffodils Decluttering – Jo

Hello, my name is Jo.

Change has occured in my life again. I have downsized considerably from a large 10 room Victorian house in Wales to Beautiful Devon. Here I live in my small home on wheels. Exploring my options of living a wonderful sustainable lifestyle is heading me in into an eco way of living though firstly I am restoring my vintage motorhome where I intend to explore the uk for a few years, fingers crossed 😀. Whilst on the road my Decluttering services are available.

When I have discovered the uk I am hoping to purchase some land, somewhere. I am very interested in living my life off grid with solar panels and wind for energy, water from a stream or a well and to grow or forage for my food. My life and surroundings are very minimal.

I enjoy shabbychiccing, decoupache and making quirky birthday cards.

I also enjoy dancing, hiking in the wilderness and on occasions I like to hug trees.

Jo holds City and Guilds of London institute NVQ2 BSC 2 qualifications. Manual Handling Risk assessment. Health and Safety in the workplace. City and Guilds 1 & 2 in Catering.
Objectivity Training Course 1
Learning about objectivity in decision making. The importance of maintaining a point of balance from negative to positive thinking.
Positive and negative feedback loops. Avoiding black and white thinking.

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Clearing your space is an investment and you need to be fully focused on removing the items that are holding you back from living the life that you want. Decluttering is a form of therapy which can create positive changes in your life.

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