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Daffodils Decluttering – Jo

Hi my name is Jo. I live in a minimalist home which is calming, happy and quiet in Pembrokeshire, South West Wales. I like to keep things simple and bringing color into my home has attracted positive energy. Yellow is my favourite color, it brings me happiness, strength, passion and warmth. I have many years of experience helping people in the community and understanding their needs. I enjoy helping others who seek change in their lives. So many clients have inspired me in different ways and I am able to show new tactics and ideas which will help in all our sessions. I have a family, my girls and 3 grandsons who live in Swindon, I see them quite regulary.


Jo holds City and Guilds of London institute NVQ2 BSC 2 qualifications. Manual Handling Risk assessment. Health and Safety in the workplace. City and Guilds 1 & 2 in Catering.
Objectivity Training Course 1
Learning about objectivity in decision making. The importance of maintaining a point of balance from negative to positive thinking.
Positive and negative feedback loops. Avoiding black and white thinking.

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Clearing your space is an investment and you need to be fully focused on removing the items that are holding you back from living the life that you want. Decluttering is a form of therapy which can create positive changes in your life.

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